Local April 8, 2016 | 8:00 am

Dominican Republic journalists face rising threats, IAPA warns

Santo Domingo.- The InterAmerican Press Association (IAPA) on Thursday warned of rising threats to journalistsand photojournalists in the Dominican Republic, and proclaimed that “the greatday for the journalistic community in the hemisphere has come.”

The organization will discuss reports on journalism’s currentsituation from today Friday until Monday, with dozens of media representatives inthe region, as part of IAPA’s Midyear Meeting, to discuss its challenges andfuture in the era of information technology.

In the case of the, the nonprofit organization presents ableak environment.

Although the meeting starts today, IAPA president PierreManigault, editor-in-chief of The Post and Courier of Charleston, is expected toofficially inaugurate the meeting of Punta Cana on Sunday, with presidentDanilo Medina expected to attend.

"The death threats against several journalists ofprovinces have increased to the extent that they report, through their media,whether digital, television, radio or print, alleged corruption in themanagement of public resources in municipalities, provincial governments orGovernment agencies or when they publish reports on gangs and criminals indictmentsin court," IAPA said.

The entity also cites the injuries inflicted onphotographer Danny Polanco and reporter Socorro Monegro while covering variousincidents in the country.

“The recurrence in which reporters and photojournalists orradio and television commentators suffer physical aggressions or threats, exposesthem to pressures of all types is also cause for concern.”

Violent region

"The region is very violent for the exercise of journalism, and not only for political reasons, the practice of illegal businesses such as drug trafficking in the county has added a lot," said Dominican Newspapers Society president Persio Maldonado, who’s also editor-in-chief of El Nuevo Diario.

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