Local April 21, 2016 | 5:31 pm

Dominican democracy must be defended in the street: Deputy candidate

Santo Domingo.- Minority party Al-País candidate fordeputy, Claudio Caamaño Vélez on Thursday said the ruling PLD party monopolizesall State powers and poses a threat to Dominican Republic’s democracy.

"All the entities in charge of resolving conflicts inelectoral matters: the Central Electoral, Superior Electoral Court andConstitutional Court have shown their lack of independence and politicalsubservience," Caamaño said.

He said because of that, any dispute arising in the nextelections will have to be resolved in the streets. "You cannot expectjustice in the courts and the people are aware of it, so if any dispute is submittedin this election it will have to find a solution on the streets."

Caamaño called on citizens to cast a conscious vote nextMay 15, to “confront the brutal patronage of the ruling party.”

"We belong to a generation committed to make politics different.Able to put aside everyday differences to unite and defend ourselves," hesaid, adding that the various opposition organizations must agree on a way for eachother’s delegates to defend their votes come May15.

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