Local June 6, 2016 | 4:54 pm

Dominican Republic sends troops to Haiti border for exercises

Santo Domingo.- Dominican Republic has ordered all Army enlisteesand officers about to finish basic military training at its Military Academy andother units to demonstrate their acquired knowledge by taking part in exerciseswith the three brigades deployed along the border with Haiti.

The exercises will also include Infantry units, and AirCavalry with three helicopters and crews.

"We have mobilized more than 2,200 soldiers amongofficers, enlisted specialists, athletes and others, in addition to thereforestation to be held in all border areas where routine military exercisesmet " said Army commander Jose Matos de la Cruz.

He said sending the troops to the border aims to ensuregood physical and mental training, so they are optimal for any contingency oftheir responsibilities and contribute to the environment through reforestationof the sparsely wooded areas.

The officers and enlistees will be taking part in theexercise during seven days, transported to the posts and garrisons of the threeborder Brigades.

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