Local June 10, 2016 | 7:15 am

Dominican Republic’s opposition to take voting fraud claim to the OAS

Santo Domingo.- Six opposition parties will take theircomplaints and evidence of alleged electoral fraud against them in the recent election,to the countries attending the Organization of American States’ (OAS) annualmeeting.

The PRM, Al-País, FNP, PQD, PUN and APD said the people of theAmericas must be aware of the “electoral fraud in the Dominican Republic in thepresidential, congressional and municipal elections."

"The values ??of democracy and free, fair andtransparent electoral processes and respect for them are common commitments inthe member countries of the OAS, which we considered as a legitimate andappropriate action to denounce internationally the fraudulent election processoccurred in the Dominican Republic last May 15, "the opposition partiessaid in a statement.

The work leading to the OAS General Assembly in the countrystarts Monday, until Wednesday, where the foreign ministers from the 35 member nationswill discuss issues of interest to the hemisphere.

"The peoples of Latin America should be informed,through their representatives in the Dominican Republic that there was anelectoral fraud in the presidential, congressional and municipal elections whichhas meant a serious setback to democratic and electoral system, threatening thedemocratic governance of this nation," the opposition said.

The document was signed by PRM president Andrés Bautista;Fidelio Despradel, Al-País; Max Puig, APD; Vinicio Castillo, FNP; RicardoFortuna, PQDC and Ada Barriola, PUN.

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