Local June 17, 2016 | 4:55 pm

American Chamber of Commerce rebukes incident at Coca-Cola plant

Santo Domingo.- The American Chamber of Commerce (AMCHAMDR)on Friday said it rebukes the actions of which were recently carried out at theplant of Bepensa Dominicana, the local bottler of Coca-Cola.

“We understand that the way to solve differences are with notacts of violence or altering the private property of the parties involved whichshould be done in the courts instead,” AMCHAMDR said in a statement.

It said a court ruling should weigh enough to protectprivate investment. “The Chamber is convinced that strengthening the institutionsrelated to the development of an appropriate market economy creates theconditions for prosperity and growth of a country, and therefore, itsinhabitants and its companies. The lack of transparency and institutionalism isthe main drive that gives rise to legal insecurity.”

It said compliance with the legally established rulesdirectly influences the business and investment climate. “That’s why the incidentshouldn’t happen again. More respect, better business and investment. This actof violence sends a negative message to investors.”

The AMCHAMDR adds that the illegal actions which Bepensa Dominicanawas subjected to halted production, caused damage to equipment still to betallied, and posed a safety risk to the bottler’s plant workers.

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