Local June 27, 2016 | 11:49 am

Dominican Republic-born pol best choice for Congress: The NY Daily News

New York.- “Since FDR was in the White House, only two menhave represented Harlem in Congress: Adam Clayton Powell Jr. and CharlieRangel,” reads The Daily News lead on Monday to endorse Dominican-born AdrianoEspaillat for the US Congress.

”On Tuesday, thanks to Rangel’s upcoming retirement,Democrats of the 13th Congressional District, covering upper Manhattan and achunk of the Bronx, will decide in a primary election who will next hold of thehistoric seat,” says New York’s “Picture Newspaper.”

The outlet calls the current NY State senator the “mostpromising candidate in a crowded field is state Sen. Adriano Espaillat, whotwice narrowly lost to Rangel.”

It said Espaillat has shown In the New York State capital Albany,“more energy than many on issues such as rights for immigrants and farmworkers,” adding that he has also “stood up for ethnic Haitians maroonedwithout citizenship in his native Dominican Republic and championed a creativeproposal to enable tenants to buy their own buildings using federal loans.”

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