Local July 20, 2016 | 12:23 pm

Doctors Guild: criminalization will spur ‘clandestine” abortions’

Santo Domingo.- Dominican Medical Guild (CMD) president Dr.Waldo Suero on Wednesday said if the Chamber of Deputies approve the criminalizationof abortion in the Penal Code, it would spur ”clandestine” abortions andmaternal mortality will rise.

He asked to revert the lawmakers’ decision over Article 110,that was stricken from the proposed legislation which states that"abortion because of rape, incest or malformations of the embryoincompatible with clinically proven life will be subject to the requirementsand protocols established by a special law."

“There are some situations where pregnancy has to be interruptedsuch as rape, incest, congenital malformation, and embryos incompatible withlife clinically proven, we are talking about can cause death of the mother,"he said.

Suero said the CMD opposes abortions when a woman "forexample has eight weeks (two months) and the child has no problems, much lessthe mother, and she decides to take it out, that we don’t agree with."

He said he doesn’t wish on any of the "gentlemendeputies and senators" having a member of their family raped by some"thug that’s walking in the street" and had to go through a situationlike that, "or any Dominican because it is very heartbreaking."

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