Local August 8, 2016 | 11:15 am

After months of quiet country’s ‘owners’ mistreat passengers again

Santiago.- After several months of relative quiet among thetransport unions known as the “country’s owners,” drivers staged a protest overcontrol of a passenger route in the second biggest city.

The protesters forced the workers of the Espaillat Mera freezone park off the yellow buses that transport employees.

The workers removed from the buses had to travel on foot orpay extra fares to get to the free zone.

The drivers’ union of the Cienfuegos district halted the transportbuses staring 6am Monday, with the ensuing traffic jam, chaos and tension.

Union leader Persio Veras promised more protests againstthe inclusion of more buses, claiming they had agreed on 12 with the free zone,but 43 are operating thus far.

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