Local August 8, 2016 | 10:14 am

Traffic cops will stop vehicles with slick tires

Santo Domingo.- The Metropolitan Transit Authority (Amet) willenforce the Pubic Work Ministry’s order to prohibit the use of overly worn tires in vehicles on all roads acrossthe country.

Amet director Frener Bello said traffic cops were instructedto halt all vehicles with overly worn tires, which he affirms are behind a highnumber of accidents, mostly heavy vehicles.

The official said he ordered the creation of a special inspectionunit to conduct stricter checks on tires. “This is a unit that will bepermanently on the streets, highways and roads in vigilance, to prevent the useof slick tires.”

Bello added that the unit will be bolstered at the toll plazas,since drivers are forced to slow their vehicles down.

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