Local August 10, 2016 | 11:08 am

Doctors, nurses form human chain as hopes of agreement fades

Santo Domingo.- Doctors and nurses formed a human chain at MoscosoPuello hospital Wednesday morning, to demand the Government’s response to theirrequest for a wage increase and better working conditions after more than fourmonths of talks.

Dominican Medical Association -CMD- president Waldo ArielSuero said the doctors wage the fight because in his view the governmentdisrespected their call for a dialogue.

"The government disrespects us, utilized us, what thePresident (Danilo Medina) wanted was to travel the electoral process smoothly, heaccomplished it because we were forced under stress to participate in this dialogue,he has no sincerity and we’ve decided to resume the strikes and the struggle,"the physician said.

Suero noted however that they’ll continue with the talksdespite that, in his view, it’s been over a month since he’s seen Presidency chiefof staff Gustavo Montalvo, who represents the government in the dialogue.

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