Local August 11, 2016 | 9:48 am

Shades of Al Jolson? Sox yank ‘insensitive’ David Ortiz bobblehead

Boston.- The Boston Red Sox on Tuesday sought to quell criticismby cancelling an embarrassing campaign to promote a giveaway of bobblehead dollsof slugger David Ortiz, as a "racially insensitive" figure, said teampresident Sam Kennedy, AP reports.

The dolls, which portray Ortiz addressing fans in the wakeof the Boston Marathon bombings, were to be given away at Fenway Park, butKennedy said they didn’t much resemble the slugger, who’s in his last seasonand were not suitable for distribution.

Kennedy saw the dolls for the first time Tuesday afternoonafter they were delivered.

"My two immediate reactions were that, first, it was avery inaccurate picture of how he looks," Kennedy told The Associated Press."My personal reaction was that it was offensive and, to me, seemed somehowracially insensitive. I just had a bad reaction."

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