Local September 23, 2016 | 8:12 am

Ex Police chief should be investigated in stolen drugs case: Senator

Santo Domingo.- Outspoken senator Wilton Guerrero on Thursdaysaid the former National Police chief Manuel Castro Castillo should beinvestigated in the case of stolen drugs at the Central Narcotics Division (DICAN), even if for omission.

He said despite that most of those involved in the theft of950 kilos of cocaine were acquitted, in his view there are generals andcolonels also involved but weren’t indicted. The only former officer convictedin the case thus far was former DICAN director Carlos Fernandez Valerio, whowas sentenced to 20 years.

Guerrero, who called the DICAN case an “embarrassment,”also asked to investigate minority PRSC party deputy Néstor Muñoz, inconnection with a shipment of assault rifles. "Congress cannot have peopleengaged in crime to support and serve a godfather."

The Peravia province senator for the ruling party (PLD) addedthat political parties, including his, have their share of responsibility insuch “permissiveness,” because that lets anyone with money run for an electedoffice.

"If strong measures to regulate who may be candidates aren’ttaken, the criminals will infiltrate in every party," the lawmaker said.

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