Local September 26, 2016 | 8:21 am

Landmark decision: Judicial Council confirms firing of four judges

Santo Domingo.- In a landmark decision the Supreme JudicialCouncil on Saturday ratified the dismissal of four judges who were found guiltyof misconduct.

Santo Domingo Court of Appeals judge Rosó Vallejo Espinosa;Jose Dionisio Duvergé Mejia of the Labor Court and Victor Mejia Lebron of the SantoDomingo Judicial Department were fired for violating articles of the JudicialCareer.

Also dismissed was Constanza Instruction Judge Juan AntonioLazala Bautista, found guilty of serious misconduct in the performance of hisduties.

Judicial Council Resolution No. 3/2016 notes that some ofthe judges were also found guilty of violating articles of the Ibero-AmericanCode of Judicial Ethics.

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