Local September 29, 2016 | 12:47 pm

Strange liquid oozing into the Caribbean roils the social networks

Sato Domingo.- Environment Minister Francisco Dominguez on Thursdaysaid a discharge of liquid into the Caribbean Sea, on the Malecon of SantoDomingo is under investigation.

The social networks have reacted to a video that shows a yellowishliquid flowing into the Caribbean and point to a company whose facilities are nextto the drainage where the discharge originates.

A video posted by “Somos Pueblo” (We the People) shows theliquid spreading and tainting the nearby waters, while the person who filmedthe video, posted on Facebook, questions the company.

Both Facebook and Twitter users reacted angrily to thecomplaint, while others demand clarification by the Environment Ministry.


Diario Libre published the following tweets on the video contributedby Guillermo Read @gireads….Attention:@ambienteRD @DominguezBrito @AlcaldiaDN @SaludPublicaRD Contaminaction of thelMalecón of SD: https://youtu.be/A1RXwaSdpsY:

Elias Baez @EliasBaezD: This is the Malecón, the dischargesfrom the brewery into the sea, I won’t drink beer any longer. http://ln.is/www.instagram.com/p/6y3KY…

Duardy Estrella @Duardy_Estrella: Will some "serious" media repeatthis_ denounce the contamination of the Caribbean Sea by the Nacional Brewery? Idoubt it!!!!!

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