Local October 11, 2016 | 3:44 pm

Disaster again brings Dominicans and Haitians together

Santo Domingo.- The government of the DominicanRepublic on Tuesday started sending humanitarian aid for victims of HurricaneMatthew in its Hispaniola neighbor Haiti, after the presidents of bothcountries met in Port-au-Prince to discuss the aid needed.

Presidency Social Plan director Iris Guabasaid 30 trucks with cargo of food, water, medicines and products for the repairand construction of housing Tuesday night would arrive at the Jimaní bordercrossing, from where Haiti authorities are set to start distributing it Wednesdaymorning.

President Danilo Medina announced the aid ina visit to Haiti on Sunday when he met with Haiti counterpart Jocelerme Privertto agree on the most urgent supplies.

It’s the second time Dominican Republic sendsmassive humanitarian aid to Haiti. After the devastating earthquake of 2010 theDominican government and civil society provided medical services, food and techniciansto repair infrastructure, especially telecommunications.

In that regard, Guaba said Public Works Ministrycrews will start rebuilding roads and bridges in Haiti’s southwest peninsula,where Matthew caused major damage and destroyed thousands of homes.

She said the government had sent severalmobile kitchens to Haiti and a Dominican Navy ship will arrive Wednesday withhumanitarian aid to areas still cut off in that country.

Disputes and cooperation

The Hispaniola nations have a long history ofdiplomatic, trade and immigration disputes, but natural disasters and epidemicsspur cooperation.

"Helping Haiti is to help the Dominicanpeople," said Presidency Administrative minister Jose Ramon Peralta on Monday.

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