Local October 18, 2016 | 8:53 am

US couple, Canadian missing in plane crash work with charitabale causes(Update3)

Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic.- Local media report that American spouses Charles and Candy Ritzen, were on board the single engine plane, whose part of the fuse;age was recovered early Tue..

The couple is well known in the city of Puerto Plata, where they own the business Monkey Jungle.

Also missing is Canadian national Benjamin Cole Brown.

The Dominican Air Force has recovered a part of the fuselage of the small plane that went missing Mon. night. The section was spotted in the water near Puerto Plata, but no trace of the three occupants.

FILE. An extensive search and rescue operation is being staged from the city of Puerto Plata to the town of Luperon (north), where Monday night when a one-engine plane from Port-au-Prince lost contact with controllers.

The plane’s last reported contact with the control tower was at 7pm.

The Dominican Navy and Air Force comb the area for the three occupants of the aircraft tail number N724ST, which had taken off from Port Au Prince, bound for Puerto Plata’s airport, officials told local media.

An electrical storm and downpours were reportedly taking place at the time the plane was nearing the airport.

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