Local October 21, 2016 | 8:21 am

Envoy ‘damages’ Washington’s image in Dominican Republic

Santo Domingo.- Central Electoral Board (JCE)president Roberto Rosario on Thursday said US ambassador James W. Brewster doesn’tact as a diplomat, an attitude which in his view caused "enormousdamage" to Washington’s image in the Dominican Republic.

Interviewed by the El Caribe Media Group, Rosarioaccused Brewster of being intimidating and of limiting freedom of expression inthe Dominican Republic, "which cost so much blood, pain and tears. Let’sremember that it’s an act of intolerance, and as I had previously said, thosewho dissent from him must go hand in their visa. But all this, to our shame, wehave allowed it."

Rosario referred to Brewster’s recent statementthat the canceling of visas by the US seeks to keep out officials who are corrupt,and who violate human rights. "It became clear that the reason for his (Brewster)action against the president of the Central Electoral Board, which in this casewe occupy, is the exercise of the right to veto he believes possesses for thedesignation and continuity of Dominicans in a public function."

"The Central Electoral Board has alwaysacted in compliance with Dominican laws, while Brewster believes in the rightto define the Dominican registry and migration policy and "and legallyestablished procedures are considered obstructions."

"The good news is that a canceled visais no longer a source of shame, nor a moral weapon that can still be usedagainst those who enforce the laws and defend national sovereignty."

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