Local October 21, 2016 | 9:36 am

Taxman goes after dodgers, to shutter 50 Chinatown businesses

Santo Domingo.- Internal Taxes director MaginDiaz on Thursday announced that 50 businesseswill be shuttered in China Town for tax dodging.

He called his tenure an exercise of transparencyand accountability, to fight evasion, which he affirms is as high as 40% in thecase of the(ITBIS Tax

Diaz, who has ordered dozens of shops andbusinesses shuttered for alleged tax fraud, said however that taxpayers need mechanismto make it easier to pay their taxes. "There are two issues: one is tocombat fraud and tax evasion, but also make it easier for taxpayers."

The official said one of his goals is tosimplify the paperwork that hinders the taxpayers from complying.

He said the country’s tax system is fraughtwith incentives, exemptions and a very complex legal framework.

"Whether I like it or not isn’trelevant. We’re here to implement the tax system that lawmakers have passed,and that this framework."

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