Local October 28, 2016 | 8:59 am

It’s protest-for-protest’s sake at oldest University

Santo Doming.- Although calm has returned tothe Santo Domingo State University (UASD) and things appear to be back tonormal, no one seems to know what or who triggered the most recent round oftire-torchings and stone-hurling in and around the campus.

Students quoted by listin.com.do complain ofbecoming disoriented during the seemingly eternal protests and stay alert forany hint of disorder.

One day before the UASD’s 478th anniversary administrativestaff and professors were working as usual in the oldest university of the Americason Thursday, after a protest by hooded men, who are always pushed back with teargas by police.

"When these strikes occur and classes arenot suspended, the dean said he would not suspend them, but imagine how cananybody stay here in these conditions, I’m going up to the administrationbuilding and sit there until I can get out," said freshman Daury Váldezwho, as usual, went to classes yesterday.

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