Local November 16, 2016 | 11:51 am

Opposition party women protest deputy’s threat of a ‘whipping’ (Update)

Santo Domingo.- Ruling party (PLD) deputy Ramón Noé Camachoon Wednesday apologized to lawmaker Faride Raful of the opposition party (PRM),on the incident when he threatened to use his belt to "give her (Raful) awhipping."

File. The head of the women of the majoropposition party (PRM) on Wednesday asked lower Chamber president Lucia Medinato reprimand ruling party (PLD) legislator Noé Camacho for his verbal assaultand aggressive attitude agaisnt her colleague Faride Raful.

Sara Paulino, in the protest staged in front of Congress, rebuked the incident occurred inMonday’s session and caught on tape, when Faride took a turn to oppose the Deputies’approval of a US$600.0 million bond to finish construction of the PuntaCatalina (south) coal-fired power plant.

In the incident that went viral, Camacho isheard saying that he would take off his belt and "give Faride a whipping."

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