Local November 18, 2016 | 8:12 am

Dominican Republic’s opposition is dealt a stunning setback

Santo Domingo.- Dominican Republic’s opposition parties on Thursdaysuffered a stunning political setback with a political strategy of decliningtalks with the ruling party (PLD) and its allies.

In those talks that began withrepresentatives of just three traditional parties and the new opposition party(PRM) was extended at the latter’s request.

The PRM was gaining ground on that dialoguetable where its request were approved, such as to expand the umbrella torepresentatives of all political parties, which led to being debated in twoblocs.

Even accepted was the PRM’s request to allow civilsociety into play, which was heard twice and then briefly occupied the spaceleft at the table by the opposition.

The opposition justified its pull outalleging that the PLD would ratify the Central Electoral Board’s members,especially its president Roberto Rosario.

That absence of an opposition representativein the sessions paved the way for former president Leonel Fernandez to secureRosario Graciano’s continuance as a member.

Meanwhile the PRD continues to reap the fruitsof its alliance with the PLD, with the election of Henry Mejia as a member.

With the selection the new JCE has alsoreached a milestone, since for the first time two women will hold that key post.

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