Local January 18, 2017 | 4:29 pm

Ruckus at the Justice Ministry; dozens of Swat to conduct ‘raids’

Santo Domingo.- Dozens of Swat Police set off from the Justice Ministry Wednesdayafternoon to a location as yet specified, as the interrogations into the caseof Odebrecht’s US$92 million in bribes to Dominican officials continue.

Local media report that the Swat agents in eightvehicles left the building accompanied by Anticorruption Dept. (Pepca) deputyprosecutor, Wagner Cubilete.

It emerged that the officers will conductraids in undisclosed locations.

Photojournalists however were blocked from enteringthe basement of the building which houses the Justice Ministry and the SupremeCourt, when they tried to take footage and pictures.

A truck was expressly used to keep the pressat bay, when reporters tried to access the basement to look into the commotion.


The development comes as Justice minister JeanRodríguez continues to interrogate former aqueducts agency (INAPA) directors MarianoGermán and Alberto Holguín about the Odebrecht scandal.

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