Local May 3, 2017 | 12:40 pm

Torrential rains damage 43 bridges in the South, 39 aqueducts still out

President Medina, blue cap, inspects South region damages by air.

Santo Domingo.- The torrential rains of the last few days have damaged 43 bridges in the South region, 67 water supply systems nationwide, while 39 aqueducts are still out of service.

The Public Works Ministry on Tuesday said 43 bridges were damaged, but the Emergency Operations Center (COE) reported only 16 affected, with 28 roads washed out.

Meanwhile, aqueducts agency (INAPA) director Ramón Batista said 33 systems have been repaired, but 34 others remain out of service due to turbidity and others as a precaution.

He said they work to channel the rivers and to access the intakes on the banks, but the water level needs to be lower.

The official added that INAPA has 50 tanker trucks available to supply potable water to affected communities.

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