Local May 18, 2017 | 5:26 pm

Dominican Republic announces Odebrecht indictments in days

Santo Domingo.- In a brief press conference Dominican Republic’s top prosecutor on Thur. said all documents sent by Brazil on Odebrecht’s bribes to Dominican officials “are going to be public,” including testimonies, adding: “there will be indictments in the coming days.”

Jean Rodriguez said “there will be consequences, there will be names, there will be surnames, but above all there will be indictments in the next few days.”

He called on Dominicans not to despair because, in his view, haste is not good for well-founded indictments.

The official said every document which arrived ini the country yesterday will be scanned to be placed online so that they can be seen by each citizen, but that will “take a few days” and that “is obligatory” for a “solid” indictment.

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