Local September 4, 2017 | 1:53 pm

‘Analogue politico’ label reveals ruling party infighting

Santo Domingo.- Franklin Almeyda , cofounder o f Dominican Republic’s party ruling (PLD), on Sunday called cabinet ministers Gustavo Montalvo, José Ramón Peralta and Gonzalo Castillo “analogue politicians because they’re not on pace with development.”

That was Almeyda’s response when asked about the three officials” push to promote “new faces” in the PLD ticket for the 2020 elections. “Right now the one that people know is Leonel Fernández (former president), …he’s an proposal, of the entire PLD.”

Castillo is a member of the PLD’s top echelon, the Political Committee, whil Peralta and Montalvo form part of the PLD Central Committee.

“Analogue is Jose Ramon Peralta, Gustavo Montalvo, Gonzalo Castillo, should I go on? I mean they are backward politicians who aren’t on pace with development. “

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