Local October 23, 2017 | 11:38 am

Dominican Republic newspapers slam govt. abuse of reporters

Persio Maldonado, president of the SDD. File.

Santo Domingo.- The Dominican Society of Newspapers (SDD) on Sunday expressed concern with how senior officials avoid facing the media, and even more, when some members of the press are abused when trying to ask questions, even to the President himself.

The SDD questions the fact that high level officials prefer prepared press releases to deal with the issues, instead of submitting journalists’ queries. “Moreover, there have been cases of mistreatment of journalists when they try to approach the President of the Republic. Other times the security of the Head of State keeps the journalists away from the president and without allowing them to move to other places”

“The right to ask is a sacred principle that is usually observed in open societies, because it allows the journalist to transmit to the officials, in a free and direct exchange, the concerns and heart palpitations that communicator collects from citizens,” the entity said.

The SDD added that unilateral communication, which is generated through the issuance of press releases, tends to become propaganda, and more than that, what democracy needs to strengthen itself is clear, accurate and pertinent information. “A well-informed citizen who knows the thinking and goals of those who direct them is a citizen who is better able to exercise their rights and contribute to the intentions and goals of the national authorities.”

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