Local April 2, 2018 | 12:29 pm

Outspoken priest says miners are behind his expulsion

R. Cruz. File.

Santo Domingo.- Outspoken priest Rogelio Cruz affirmed Sun. that he was expelled from the Silesian order and will be notified of his superiors’ decision today.

Interview on RNN channel 27, the priest said the document will detail the reasons for his expulsion. “Monday hour zero and they are going to give me a thing called an expulsion order.”

“They can expel me from the order, not from the Church or from being a priest, I will continue being a priest forever. I will continue being a priest even under a tree,” Cruz said, calling his expulsion “an achievement of the miners whose tentacles reach the churches.”

“These miners have their tentacles in all places and the Church is part of society and this world and to be part of this world, when society is led by people, in this case, who are not aware enough, comes those kind of situations,” Cruz said.

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