Local June 7, 2018 | 8:35 pm

Nearly 700 journalists condemn brutal assault on colleague

Deyanira Lopez, in neck brace, receives the document. Photo elnuevodiario.com.do

Santo Domingo.-  Nearly 700 journalists and prominent media personalities on Thurs. demanded that the Supreme Court of and the Justice Ministry apply the full weight of the law against those who attack press freedom by assaulting the reporter Deyanira López, of the CDN network, in a savage manner.

In a document delivered to the reporter, the journalists note that “Deyanira López was assaulted while she was doing her job, a job that is protected by the Constitution of the Republic, and someone has to pay for that.”

While covering a murder trial, López was assaulted by Leydi Beatriz Adames Solano, Lenny Manuel Francisco Portorreal and Carmelo Tavarez.

Among the 692 journalists who signed the letter of support for López -and at the same time demand justice- figure Abinader Fortunato, Andrés L. Mateo, Vianco Martínez, Faride Raful, Adalberto Grullón, Alba Nelly Familia, Alexei Tellerías, Altagracia Ortiz, Altagracia Salazar, Amelia Deschamps, Diurka Perez, Américo Celado, Ana Mitila Lora, Anibelca Rosario, Edith Febles, Eloy Tejera, Elvira Lora, Tania Molina and Fausto Rosario Adames.

Also, Francis Mesa, Franklin Guerrero, German Marte, Jhonatan Liriano, Juan Bolivar Diaz, Julia Flores, Leonora Ramirez, Panky Corcino and Lisania Batista.

Also Millizen Uribe, Milton Tejada, Néstor Estévez, Nicanor Leyba, Ricardo Nieves, Rafael Peralta Romero, Ramón Colombo and Robert Vargas.

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