Local June 14, 2018 | 12:26 pm

Odebrecht graft case: 54 witnesses, 1,368 documents as evidence

Santo Domingo.- The Justice Ministry has 54 prosecution witnesses and 1,368 documents as evidence, with which Supreme Court Justice, Francisco Ortega is expected to open a trial against the seven indicted in the Odebrecht US$92.0 million graft.

The prosecution’s witnesses are expected to confirm the accusation of bribes, prevarication, illicit enrichment, forgery and money laundering, and include executives of the Brazilian company in the country, andd experts.

Justice minister Jean Alain Rodríguez said the voluminous file is supported by testimonial and documentary evidence, enough to send Angel Rondón, Víctor Díaz Rúa, Conrado Pittaluga, Andrés Bautista, Tommy Galán, Roberto Rodríguez and Jesús Vásquez (Chu), to a criminal trial.

The following names are listed as prosecutions witneses.

1.- Rodrigo Maluf Cardoso, Brazilian

2.-Marcelo Hoffke, Brazilian

3.- Renso Calderón Minyetty

4.- Mauricio Dantas Bezerra

5.- Carmen Nadiezka Álvarez De Maio

6.- María Álvarez De Maio

7.- Digmari Rodoli

8.- María Tatiana Cross Pujols

9.- Esdrys Manuel Javier

10.- Mabel Roselyn Calvo

11.- Jisselle Del Carmen Paulino Cáceres

12.- María Álvarez De Maio

13.- Digmari Rodoli

14.- Julián Rojas

15.- Robert Rodríguez

16.- Johanna Carolina Monagas Espinal,

17.- Miguelina Batista.

18.- José Leonardo Guzmán Font Bernard,

19.- Mauricio Dantas Bezerra,

20.- María Eugenia Batista.

20.- María Eugenia Batista

21.- Rodrigo Maluf Cardoso

22.- Marielis Abad Díaz

23.- María Álvarez de Maio

24.- José Leonardo Guzmán Font Bernard

25.- Julián Rojas

26.- Mabel Calvo López

27.- Julián Rojas

28.- Dionicia Marte Almonte,

29- Jisselle Del Carmen Paulino

30.- María Álvarez De Maio.

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