Local June 27, 2018 | 7:29 pm

As Santo Domingo’s Beltway expands, so do shacks

Los Victorinos. Photo courtesy of El Caribe.

Santo Domingo.- The Santo Domingo Beltway has yet to be finished, but squatters have already occupied part of its surrounding land erecting neighborhoods and “subdivisions” just a few meters from the road.

El Caribe reports that groups of people took advantage of the pristine land near the town Los Alcarrizos, to build shacks at Los Victorinos, one of the neighborhoods.

With the construction of the Beltway’s first span came more and more squatters. Today, their “community” boasts electricity and piped water, installed mostly by the residents themselves.

Another expanding makeshift neighborhood at the Beltway is located in Manoguayabo, Santo Domingo Oeste, where most of the homes have tin roofs and wooden plank walls.

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