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Young people from the Colonial Zone clean abandoned places

The youth becoming involved and making changes that matter in tee DR!

Young people from the Colonial Zone and the Hazlo x Ti Movement along with the PRD candidate for the PRD of Circumscription No. 1, Luís Rosario, initiated sanitation actions in abandoned places in that area, in order to convert them into spaces available for healthy recreation of the young people of the locality.

Such is the case of the old state establishment that is abandoned, located on Palo Hincado Street right in the dividing part between Ciudad Nueva and the Colonial Zone. These were formerly the state offices of Civil Registry and Mortgage Conservancy, which is actually a historical site.

In this location, neighbors comment that in addition to being covered in garbage, during the night there are reports of robberies, drug use and abuse, and conditions of extreme contamination.

“These are the same young people from the area who have approached, identified with our proposal of not expecting to have a public position to take action and improve our circumstances. They have decided to join together to clean up that place,” said Rosario.

He said that it is necessary for the authorities to understand that if an inclusive approach to work is not put into action, no results will be achieved in the communities.

He stressed that it is unnecessary to bring workers and collaborators from other areas to work in the community. “Each community has a large workforce and it is by incorporating them that lasting results can be achieved.”

“It is necessary that the town councils lean towards their communities, without it, we will continue an ineffective cycle,” he said.

The young entrepreneur from Ciudad Nueva, who recently registered his candidacy for the PRD for alderman, encourages young people to also join and participate because “only in this way will we achieve the necessary changes in our neighborhoods. We must participate because those who suffer the problems every day are the ones who must generate the change. Let’s stop giving them the direction of our country. WE PARTICIPATE.”

The young people are still cleaning the aforementioned premises and estimate that in a week they will be able to finish it and continue with this overall sanitation campaign.

The Hazlo x Ti Movement has social networks @Hazloxtisd and the website www.hazloxti.com, where interested parties can register and search for information. The objective is the participation and inclusion of young people in the political processes that Dominican society is presently experiencing.

Getting involved, participating, Cleaning it up, restoring BEAUTY and making a DIFFERENCE!

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