Local April 22, 2019 | 7:20 am

Dominican Republic Catholic Church slams the government

F. Ozoria.

Santo Domingo.- Insecurity, femicides, the political system, crime and corruption are some of the topics addressed each year in Easter Friday sermons officiated in the Cathedral of America.

Since 2015 the services have served as an outlet for the Catholic Church on issues that affect the Dominican Republic.

On Friday the priest José Alberto Vargas attacked “those who put their personal interests, their group or party over our project of nation, forgetting that only God is above the fatherland” as well as those who seek to perpetuate themselves in government posts, “even when this task overrides the Constitution.”

The weaknesses of the justice system was another of the issues in the homilies, while archbishop Francisco Ozoria slammed president Danilo Medina’s efforts toward reelection that could lead to a “dictatorship.”

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