Local August 5, 2019 | 11:07 am

Dominican-born US lawmaker urges protection for Cardi B

New York.- Dominican-born congressman Adriano Espaillat asked the US authorities to protect Dominican-origin rapper Cardi B, who received bomb threats shortly before a concert in Indianapolis last week, after expressing support for Bernie Sanders’ White House bid, reiterating her critique of president Donald Trump and the Republicans.

On Saturday, Texas white supremacist Patrick Crusius, gunned down 20 people, including 3 Mexicans and left a manifesto on social networks, in which he says he executed the innocent because we must end the “invasion” of Hispanics into the US.

On early Sunday in Dayton, (Ohio), Connor Betts, also killed 9 victims, injuring another 26 and among the dead is his sister Megan and her boyfriend.

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