Local October 10, 2019 | 1:02 pm

Lawmakers to boycott sessions as elections standoff festers

Santo Domingo. – Around 36 legislators of the faction of the Dominican Liberation Party (PLD) president Leonel Fernández, on Thursday morning announced the start of a new phase for the defense of the popular will, which they claim was violated with the fraud carried out in the primary elections of October 6.

“Since 2015, this legislative team has defended with honor and dignity the democratic principles and values ​​essential for the social good life and the establishment of a true rule of law. Unfortunately today, we are in the urgent need, for the good of the Republic, to start a new stage in defense of respect for the popular will violated and outraged last Sunday.”

The lawmakers Henry Meran, Carlos Guzmán, Demóstenes Martínez, Orlando Espinosa, Juan Carlos Quiñones, Roberto Berroa and Marcos Cross, said they will attend the lower Chamber but will not express their vote.

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