Local December 24, 2019 | 11:13 am

Fundación AES Dominicana and FONPER contribute to the water security of Santo Domingo

SANTO DOMINGO, Dominican Republic.- Within the framework of the international day against climate change, the Dominican AES Foundation in alliance with the Santo Domingo Water Fund (FASD) held its second day of reforestation, as part of its ecological restoration project for the micro basin of Haina-Duey, with the purpose of contributing to the water security of the Great Santo Domingo.

The project includes in a period of two years the establishment of 52,000 trees in agroforestry systems for cocoa production, in addition to training community members in silvopastoral best practices in the Haina-Duey River micro basin, one of the main tributaries of the Haina River. Focusing on raising awareness and training of community leaders and farmers in the area, in the promotion and maintenance of the coffee and cocoa forest system.

More than 100 volunteers gathered in their second consecutive reforestation together with FASD, to support the conservation of water flow regulatory ecosystems in the area formed by the confluence of the Haina-Duey rivers that are part of the aqueduct system of the National District and that supplies approximately 20% of the population of Greater Santo Domingo.

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