Local December 27, 2019 | 11:21 am

Two million citizens have benefited from the MOPC roadside assistance program

Santo Domingo, DR

The Road Protection and Assistance Program of the Ministry of Public Works and Communications (MOPC) reached two million assists on the roads and highways of the country for the benefit of citizens, during the seven years of its creation.

This program is carried out through the MOPC Military and Police Commission, which is led by Lt. Col. ERD Douglas Borrell. The highest percentage of the assistance has been offered due to mechanical failures with 946 thousand 030 that the vehicles presented during their trip, equivalent to 47.30% of the total services offered in the 2 thousand 900 linear kilometers of roads that we cover throughout the country.

Lorenzo Mercedes, along with his family turned out to be assistance number two million, when his vehicle got a flat tire on the Duarte highway, in the surroundings of Loma Miranda, Bonao.

There were 621,104 tires and mechanical failures assists with 31.06% and 259,785 for 12.99% running out of fuels on the roads of the country.

For security, about 111,541 vehicles for 5.58% and cranes 12,308 for 0.62%, ambulances 11,183 equivalent to 0.56% and accidents 38,049 for 1.90%

In the East zone 588,699 drivers, with a percentage of 29%, in the North Zone 656,601 for 33% and South Zone 535,098 27% and the corridors 219,602 for 11%.

While, for security 111,117, for 3.78%; 11,353 cranes with 0.27%; ambulances 9,433 for 0.06% and workshops 57,950 for 0.30%.

He said that all these services arrive in favor of the population in a record time between two to 10 minutes at the time of the request. “We reached 2 million assists, providing security, protection and roadside assistance throughout the national territory,” says a statement from the institution.

During these years, this program that was born in 2012, in the tourist area of ​​Punta Cana, has increased the units and staff that make it up, being one of the services best valued by the population.

This program has contributed to the reduction of criminal acts of the main roads, reduction of traffic accidents and that drivers feel safe and the delay to their destination is reduced due to mechanical problems on the roads.

With rubber, mechanics, cranes, ambulances, and security, all these services in a record time of 2 to 10 minutes from you.

The assistance kits are posted at strategic points in order to provide assistance in order to respond quickly to emergency and pre-hospital situations.

The cranes that are part of the roadside assistance services are intended to tow towed vehicles that can hinder the road while the mobile workshops are to assist citizens who require more advanced services that the patrols cannot solve.

Extrication and rescue

Five mobile units for extrication and rescue are integrated into the Road Protection and Assistance Program of the Ministry of Public Works and Communications (MOPC). The implementation of these new equipment has helped to save the lives of people who have been trapped inside vehicles as a result of a traffic accident.

They perform rescue functions for victims of traffic accidents that are trapped inside vehicles on the roads.

The Minister of Public Works, Ramón Pepín and the director of RD Vial, Eyla Vargas, delivered the units to the Military and Police Commission of the MOPC and are disseminated nationwide.

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