Local January 7, 2020 | 9:21 am

Justice Ministry ‘suspiciously’ drops charges against economist

Andy Dauhajre

Santo Domingo.-  The Justice Ministry definitively filed the complaint filed by Dominican Revolutionary Party (PRD) senior leader Guido Gómez Mazara against the economist Andy Dauhajre, who allegedly took bribes from Odebrecht in the Punta Catalina power plant scandal.

Gómez Mazara said the Attorney General’s decision seeks to protect the economist, who allegedly received US$2.0 million dollars from Odebrecht when he worked as an advisor to the of State Electric Utility (CDEEE).

He labeled the measure as “suspicious” and “an unequivocal sign of complicity, that on December 26 of the year just finished the Attorney General’s Office notified a definitive file of the investigation process, pretending that the political power serves as a complicity willing to protect Dauhajre, to which

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