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Feliz Cumpleaños – Happy Birthday Juan Pablo Duarte 207th anniversary

Father of the Fatherland, Juan Pablo Duarte.

Regarding the celebration of the 207th anniversary of the birth of the patrician Juan Pablo Duarte, the Duartian Institute will carry out a series of activities today, January 26, starting at 8:00 in the morning with the threading of the national flag in the premises of the institution.

Half an hour later a floral offering will be made before the statue located in Duarte Park, on Padre Billini Street, and at 9:00 a solemn Mass will be celebrated in the Primada Cathedral of America.

Then, at 10:00 in the morning, the Duartian flag will be enmeshed in the Duartian Institute and the patriotic parade that will cover the streets of Isabel La Católica, Las Mercedes, the pedestrian count to the Independence Park will begin immediately. There, in the mausoleum that holds the venerable ashes of the father of the country Juan Pablo Duarte y Díez, an offering will be deposited and the president of the patriotic entity will give a speech.

The president of the Duartian Institute, Wilson Gómez Ramírez, urged citizens to carry out activities to celebrate the 207th anniversary of Duarte’s birth.

Gómez Ramírez said that “the display of the national flag in houses and apartments on the occasion of a national date is a must, and with it, one of the sacred symbols of our country is revered and the national feeling is enhanced and Dominican patriotism is expressed.”

He added that according to what is established in article 32 of the new Law number 210-19, on National Symbols “The radio and television stations of the country will broadcast the national anthem in any of its versions, at 12 o’clock post meridian of the 26 January, Duarte Day; February 27, National Independence Day and National Flag; August 16, Restoration Day; and on November 6, Constitution Day.”

He insisted that in paragraph 1 of the aforementioned article he stated that “The radio and television stations located in the border area, which includes the provinces Bahoruco, Santiago Rodríguez, Montecristi, Pedernales, Dajabón, Independencia and Elías Piña, will broadcast on their daily schedule by at least two messages of not less than thirty seconds about Dominican national symbols and values.”

Juan Pablo Duarte

Juan Pablo Duarte y Díez, the father of the Dominican homeland, was born on January 26, 1813 in the heart of the colonial city of Santo Domingo.

Duarte was the fourth son of Juan José Duarte Rodríguez, a Spanish merchant, and Manuela Díez Jiménez, who forged in him his love for freedom and justice.

The fifteen-year-old Duarte was sent to study in England because the University of Santo Domingo had been closed due to Haitian occupation. Later he moved to France and Spain, countries, where he would soak up the changes and libertarian airs that they were living and experiencing in Europe after the French Revolution.

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