Local March 14, 2020 | 7:40 am

Weekend with little rain in general pleasant temperatures at night

Although large accumulations of precipitation are not forecast for today, a trough to the east of Puerto Rico is generating an east/northeast wind flow that contributes humidity to the Dominican territory, a condition that will be causing some clouds with light and scattered rains towards towns in the northeast, southeast, Cordillera Central and Greater Santo Domingo regions.

For tomorrow, Sunday, a significant decrease in rainfall is forecast due to the entry of an air mass with lower moisture content, resulting in less rain and good weather conditions over most of the national geography, however, due to the drag of cloud fields generated by the east/northeast wind, some weak showers could occur over the northeast, southeast, and Central Cordillera regions, especially in the afternoon.

Due to the decrease in rains and the improvement in weather conditions, ONAMET discontinues the provinces that were under meteorological alert.

Optimal maritime conditions for the entire coast during the weekend.

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