Local March 21, 2020 | 7:05 am

Some cloudiness with weak rains in the morning, improving conditions after noon.

Continued cloudiness resulting from the east/northeast wind and a weak trough to the north of the country persists, causing some morning rains to the northeast, southeast and the Central Cordillera, however, as the hours pass, the entry of an air mass with lower moisture content will gradually decrease rainfall, passing after noon and causing good weather conditions.

For tomorrow Sunday, we will continue with the incidence of the trough and the east/northeast wind flow, however, the humidity levels in the atmosphere will not be favorable to generate significant rains, generally, good weather conditions are forecast for most of the national geography, only some showers will appear towards the northeast regions and the Cordillera Central in the afternoon.

On the Atlantic coast, operators of fragile, small and medium-sized vessels are recommended to stay in port, while for the Caribbean coast, they are recommended to navigate with caution and not venture out to sea due to abnormally high waves.

As for temperatures, pleasant to cool in mountain areas in the night, early morning and early morning hours, being slightly hot during the day in urban areas.

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