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MINERD highlights organization and displays of civility seen in the delivery of food kits

The worst times can also bring out the best in people

The Ministry of Education (MINERD), highlighted this Wednesday the organization and samples of civility that is observed in each of the deliveries of the food kits made by the National Institute of Student Welfare (INABIE), in different educational centers of the country.

Through a press release, MINERD indicated that a great effort is being made so that the kits with raw foods reach 1.4 million students of the Extended School Day program throughout the country and more than 400,000 on average. The ministry reiterated that in this way it is guaranteed that students do not lack breakfast and lunch in this State of Emergency decreed by the Executive Power as a result of the presence in the country of the coronavirus pandemic.

The institution reported that this week two food kits were delivered to each parent or guardian who collects the supplies on behalf of the students, in order to provide food for two weeks and thus avoid exposure of families when leaving the houses.

MINERD assured that this Wednesday the delivery was completed in most of the educational centers of the country, coordinating the place to finish the process in the schools that are missing for distribution.

In this regard, the director of INABIE, René Jáquez Gil, reported that great efforts are being made to complete the delivery of the food kits in all centers nationwide.

In this sense, the Ministry of Education clarified that in the case of the República de Chile School in the San Carlos sector, three food kits were delivered by students, since last week the process was not completed and was pending.

On his side, the director of Communications of the MINERD, Diego Pesqueira, after making an extensive tour of different educational centers, highlighted the leading role of the School Police in delivery logistics. “Thanks to this efficient work, the order in the schools has been exemplary; we have not had a single significant problem and that is due to the good work of our School Police, whom I urge to continue like this.”

In addition, he recognized the civic and responsible behavior of each father, mother or guardian as they presented themselves to the educational centers to collect the food, which is why he was motivated to maintain that same spirit of cooperation with all the entities that watch over the life of every Dominican.

Civility too can shine in the toughest of times.

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