Local April 20, 2020 | 9:20 am

Dominican-born lawmaker slams treatment of Latinos in pandemic

New York.- Dominican-born US congressman Adriano Espaillat, on Sun. expressed outrage at the “questionable handling” that the authorities are giving to the numbers they offer on the deaths and infections of Hispanics and other minority communities, the most vulnerable to the attack of the pandemic, local media reported Monday.

“We are outraged by the inaccurate COVID-19 death count conducted by the city and state of New York. The lack of transparency of the information provided to families is appalling and the relatives deserve more,” said Espaillat.

“In response to the recent report released this week highlighting the increased death rate within the minority community caused by COVID-19, we are demanding more accurate reporting on the numbers released by the city and state of New York and that more resources be allocated to help the minority communities most affected by this pandemic.”

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