Local June 17, 2020 | 8:01 am

Govt. ‘not backing down’ but backtracks on measures

Curfew stands

Santo Domingo.- The country will not advance to the third phase of de-escalation of the economy as scheduled for today because the conditions do not exist due to the increase in the cases of coronavirus during phase 2.

The reopening of tourism still stands however, if possible, on July 1, Presidency Minister, Gustavo Montalvo, announced Tue. night.

Likewise, the official announced a reinforcement of the controls to prevent people from circulating during the curfew and to demand the mandatory compliance with wearing masks in workplaces and spaces open to the public.

“We are not backing down, but we are keeping the necessary measures in place, until we can take a new step forward,” Montalvo said in the National Palace.

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