Local July 5, 2020 | 4:39 pm

Dominican President Medina asks that the election results be respected: “This process is going to win or lose”

SANTO DOMINGO .- President Danilo Medina asked that the results of the elections issued by the Central Electoral Board be respected because “this process is going to win or lose.”

“That this afternoon or tonight when the Board of the results that are respected, that is the democratic culture, these processes are going to lose or win,” said the president.

Medina called on Dominicans who have not yet come to vote to do so and take advantage of this civic exercise.

“And to those in this contest wish them luck and that this afternoon or at night we can know the results and that they are respected,” Medina said.

“Those who are doing improper things around the voting precincts, which are giving out ballots without signatures, that rectify that conduct and that allows citizens to vote, that do not try with tricks to prevent people from expressing themselves freely,” he said. Medina after exercising his right to vote at the María Auxiliadora Primary School.

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