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Dominican International Chamber congratulates president-elect Abinader and VP-elect Peña

Pedro Diaz Ballester

The recognition highlights new officials favorable for business, tourism, and investments areas



Miami, Florida, July 15, 2020.- The Dominican International Business & Tourism Chamber in the USA expressed its congratulations to Luis Rodolfo Abinader, and to the Raquel Peña, in its qualities of President and Vice President elects, in the recent and exemplary elections held in the Dominican Republic, as in different places with valuable Dominican diaspora presence.

Pedro Diaz Ballester, president of “the Federation,” as the dynamic business organization is known, highlighted the appropriate designations made by the President-elect Abinader Corona, which have been received with a great welcome by different national sectors, and the diaspora as well, highlighting the importance of appointments in the ministries of the Presidency, Economia, Foreign Affairs, Finance, the Central Bank, and the Dominican Export and Investment Center (CEI-RD), given the key role that these institutions would play in international dynamics, in the function of generating new business, collaboration, and foreign investment towards the Dominican Republic, as the necessary attention to the needs and development of Dominicans based abroad, while taking advantage of negotiations and trade agreements, and also the country’s significant gallant presence in the main global, regional, global and regional forums and decision-making areas.

Diaz Ballester also expressed that, on his behalf, and of the Committee of the Chamber composed of the entrepreneurs and executives Martin Medina Gomez, Dr. Soraya Aguasvivas, Manuel Garcia Denis, Ana Maria Segura, Efrain Sora, Victor Cabrera, Andy De Jesus, Julio Burgos, on behalf of the Board of Directors, conveys her congratulations to the new representatives of the nation since 16 August on, as to the Senators and Deputies who in this contest were elected, specifically that many of the objectives of the Overseas Deputies, such as the PARLACEN, can be achieved in this new legislative stage.


The president of the Dominican Chamber of Commerce in the United States means that the claims, evidenced in the election results, of the necessary implementation of respect for laws and the rule of law, over which economic, financial agents and agencies, such as current and potential domestic and foreign investors, are very pending, must be addressed.

In this sense, highlighted the decisive participation of the Dominican people with their usual level of civility, especially in the historical circumstances in which these elections were held, as well as the Central Electoral Board and the organization of support in charge in the USA, by a well-done job.


Considers the new composition of the Senate of the Republic, as of the Chamber of Deputies, with a plethora of young values, would bring great support for a greater and dynamic institutionalization of the country, in a short time, with adequacy and activation of the levels of legislation that times require.


Pedro Diaz Ballester, who has received considerable national and international recognition, for his 40-year work promoting organizations, business, tourism and investments for the Dominican Republic abroad, emphasized the full identification of the International Federation with the importance of the import and enthusiastic importance evidenced by the Dominican private sector in working shoulder to shoulder with President Abinader, Vice President Pena, and the new national authorities, to increase better results in various productive areas, with a key focus on the tourism sector, given the considerable effects that this global crisis has caused to the country.

About the Dominican International Business & Tourism Chamber (The FEDERATION)

The Dominican International Business & Tourism Chamber in the U.S., is a non-profit organization, legally incorporated in the state of Florida, United States of America, for the defense of interests, further development, benefits and impact of the Dominican Republic on international trade and business, tourism, banking, finance, investments, construction, industries, free zones, small and medium-sized enterprises, energy, agribusiness, telecommunications, technology, culture, among others, to increase positive relationship and results with Florida, New York, East Coast, and Washington, D.C., as well as the United States in general, in the more appropriate use of markets, as well with other related destinations. Members are groups, organizations, companies, and Dominican persons, or of any nationality, with interests in, or towards, the Dominican Republic. Similarly, to serve as a counterpart to the Dominican private and public sectors, in their objectives and interests with the United States.

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