Local August 20, 2020 | 3:00 pm

“Relations of the new Dominican government with the press will be respectful”

Luis José Chávez

The veteran journalist and communication strategist Luis José Chávez highlights the change in the approach of the Government of Luis Abinader compared to the management of the PLD, regarding the prevention of the Covid-19 pandemic.


SANTO DOMINGO, Dominican Republic .- “The relations of the new government of President Luis Abinader with the press will be of respect.”

This was stated by the journalist and political scientist Luis José Chávez, who considered that a government should not subject journalists and the media through the discretionary use of advertising or direct or indirect pressure.

He said that journalists should be free to carry out their work as monitors of the public administration, ask, criticize, and denounce what they consider wrong, without fear of reprisals.

He argued that in the past government, the media were subjected to various pressures to submit them to the authorities’ will or to cancel their critical rigor.

In another order, he stressed that the government of President Luis Abinader had changed the focus on the prevention of the Covid-19 pandemic, involving society, through community organizations and neighborhood associations. He gave as an example the neighborhoods in the northern part of the National District. The authorities are developing an educational campaign hand in hand with Community Action for Progress (ACOPRO).


Luis José Chávez, a connoisseur of the tourism industry, said that the government is taking the necessary steps for a prompt reopening of tourism activities, both in hotels and in gastronomy.

He highlighted the efforts of Minister David Collado, who has already had meetings with crucial international tour operators and with local tourism entrepreneurs.

He recalled that tourism is transversal to most economic activities, from transportation to food production, the manufacture, and sale of handicrafts.

Luis José Chávez was interviewed on the Acento TV program A Partir de Ahora.

The program Starting from Now, by Gustavo Olivo Peña, on Acento TV, is broadcast on the following channels 38 of Claro, 39 and 439 of Altice, 41 of Star Cable of Santiago de los Caballeros. Hours: 7, 8, and 11 in the MORNING; 4 AND 7 in the AFTERNOON, with repetitions at EARLY MORNING times and summarizing the weekend. It can also be enjoyed on the AcentoTV.do and Acento.com.do portal and the Acento TV YouTube channel.

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