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Sed de Justicia will file a complaint against former ministers Gonzalo and Pepín in DR

Former ministers Ramón Pepín and Gonzalo Castillo.

The non-partisan civic organization, Sed de Justicia, will file a criminal complaint with the Attorney General next Monday against former MOPC ministers Gonzalo Castillo and Ramón Pepín, for allegedly irregular handling in the purchase of hot asphalt concrete valued at more than RD $ 19 billion.


Santo Domingo, DR


The non-partisan civic organization, Sed de Justicia, will file a criminal complaint against Messrs. Gonzalo Castillo and Ramón Pepín, former Ministers of Public Works, for the alleged irregular handling of over 19 billion pesos in the purchase of hot asphalt concrete.

The complaint will be delivered to Judge Miriam Germán Brito at the Attorney General’s Office’s headquarters next Monday, August 24, at 10:00 in the morning by a non-profit entity commission.

The organization’s interest is that exemplary penalties be applied in the cases of public corruption proven to end the impunity regime that has prevailed in the Dominican Republic. The criminal complaint will be accompanied by a set of evidence for evaluation by the Public Ministry and a request for a set of actions to compensate for the damages suffered by the State and recover the misappropriated public funds.

Sed de Justicia is an organization created by a group of communication and law professionals that, together with business people, social and community activists, aims to ensure the State institutions’ transparency and that corruption is punished in all levels, both public and private.

Constitution of the NGO

Just on the eve of the inauguration of President Luis Abinader, to ensure transparency and punish corruption in the country. Likewise, the entity seeks the independence of the Public Ministry and the appointment of an independent Judicial Power that results in free and timely justice for all segments of society. Thirst for Justice arises as an entity to observe that moral principles are respected.

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