Local September 11, 2020 | 3:07 pm

Director of Epidemiology explains why deaths from Covid-19 are not reported daily in Dominican Republic

Director of Epidemiology, Ronald Skewes / External source

The director of Epidemiology Ronald Skewes, said today that in order to notify a death caused by the coronavirus, certain requirements need to be taken into account.

“You need to have a positive PCR test, have a positive chest tomography, and finally the epidemiological link that has the same validity as the previous two,” said the specialist.

In addition, he said that it is a process that takes several days to ensure that a person died from the virus, which makes daily notifications of the death figures difficult.

“We are days away from solving all that when we have a new platform where all this will be reported almost in real-time,” he added.

Meanwhile, the Deputy Minister of Health Ivelisse Acosta said that press conferences on the situation of the coronavirus in the country will be resumed next week.

“In order to have contact with all communicators, so that there is no such lack of communication between us that is so important,” Acosta said.

Both officials offered their statements during an interview on the El Día program.

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