Local September 16, 2020 | 3:33 pm

Dominican nightclub owners and employees call for the end of the curfew and reopening of businesses

Dominican Republic-The National Association of Nightlife Centers marched this Wednesday to the National Palace in demand that the Executive’s curfew decreed to contain the spread of the coronavirus be eliminated.

Jeremías Peña, a spokesman for the group and owner of an entertainment center in La Romana, said that the authorities should also think of them as an economic sector and should be allowed to work just as hotels will.

Chanting slogans how we want to work, no more curfew, and with a rope around their necks simulating their current economic situation, these workers asked to work applying a security protocol.

They also complained that their electricity bills continue to be very high despite having their businesses closed.

They assured with the closure of night recreation establishments, more than 12 thousand employees were unemployed.

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