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Sammy Sosa and his brother mentioned in the file against Alexis Medina

Samuel Peralta Sosa, better known as Sammy Sosa

The former Major League Baseball player, Samuel Peralta Sosa, better known as Sammy Sosa, and his brother José Antonio Peralta Sosa, were mentioned in the file kept by the Special Prosecutor for Administrative Corruption (Pepca) against the brother of former President Danilo Medina, Alexis Medina, as part of the so-called Anti-Octopus operation that accuses former officials of alleged acts of corruption.

The record indicates that through an ordinary general meeting of General Supply Corporation SRL, a company belonging to the corporate network of Alexis Medina, dated October 31, 2017, Samuel Peralta Sosa (Sammy) was authorized to act on behalf of the company could manage a loan or line of credit working on behalf of the company could manage a loan or line of credit up to an amount not exceeding ten million dollars per party before the Bank of Progress of the Dominican Republic, is authorized to sign any document for the acquisition of said facility and to dispose of it as it considers.

It also points out that the same assembly empowered José Antonio Peralta Sosa, brother of the former Chicago Cubs member. On behalf of the company, he could open a bank account in Brickell in the United States to take credit facilities. , either a loan or line of credit in the name of the company up to the amount of four million dollars for operations and product purchases, being authorized to be the only person with quality to sign and dispose of said account.

La Peca pointed out in the same file that the company General Supply Corporation SRL had benefited from the asphalt of the San Juan highway. Matas de Farfán.

Last Sunday, the MP requested preventive detention against ten former officials such as Armenian Magalys Medina Sánchez, former vice president of the Patrimonial Fund of Reformed Companies (Fonper) and Juan Alexis Medina Sánchez, brothers of former president Medina, as well as the former director-general of the Office of Engineers Supervisors of State Works (Oisoe) Francisco Pagán; the former Minister of Public Health Freddy Hidalgo and the former Comptroller of the Republic Rafael Antonio Germosén Andujar.

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